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awww bae looking flawless!

Beyoncé & Gloria via beyonce.com

Beyoncé in Paris, France (Sept. 16)

Beyoncé at the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris (Sept. 16)




Corn rolls. Moment of science for the real Beyonce. Let us not forget

they called cornrows not “corn rolls”  thanks for trying tho cracker 

We gonna let the “moment of science” go tho?
towritebeyonceonherarms asked:

yoooo WHAT is with that one recent picture of beyonce in a bikini that's straight from her website where her thighs are very clearly photoshopped? it's the one where she's walking down the stairs and you can see that the stair right behind her thighs isn't alined (i made a post about it) i am so confused because that's so messed up and beyonce is supposedly against that stuff and it's just so weird ESPECIALLY since it was posted to her website!!!




I’m just gonna address this publicly because when it comes to Beyoncé, every logic goes out the window! What is the logic in photoshopping her photos if every other night, she’s performing in outfits that have them CLEARLY on display? Literally every single outfit she wore during OTR except one, her legs were showcased. I don’t know why it is hard for people to believe she actually DOES have a thigh gap. NOT TO MENTION, if is she wants to alter her pictures, don’t you think she can get herself someone who is actually GOOD at it? Like a professional, where y’all won’t notice ANYTHING? Clearly its an angle problem with her photos but I guess….. that wouldn’t make sense, because she’s Beyoncé. 

In addition to this, Beyoncé HATES photoshop. I can recall the time when Beyoncé did the commercial ad for H&M while Standing On the Sun was being played in the background. Without Beyoncé’s permission, they photoshopped her body and this pissed her off so much that she threatened to cancel her sponsorship and sue H&M. Without hesitation, they did it her way. I do not think that picture was photoshopped tbh. Her legs are naturally that way! Her BODY is fantastic 😍💁❤️